What Is A VPN ?

These days, with jailbreaks so rare, other alternatives are being brought out to bring us some of our Cydia content.  We’ve seen loads of Third-Party App Installers and independent apps that are not in the store, but Apple doesn’t like you using these. There is a way to browse and use what you want in privacy on your device though; it’s a service called VPN .

What is a VPN ?


First, for those who are not aware, a VPN is a service that creates a secure and private network over the public network. VPNs encrypt any traffic that goes through them and your IP address is changed for that of your VPN server. This means your traffic can’t be tracked and everything you do is private. NessVPN recommended VPN services works in the same way to protect what you are doing on your device and it has some pretty cool features to help you do this:

Features of a VPN Service :

Most VPN tools are packed with useful features:

  • Some are free to download and use with some data usage based limitations
  • Paid subscriptions have no limit on the traffic you can send through the VPN – Note that Free VPNs limit you to a certain amount each month
  • You don’t need to register, and you don’t need to log in every-time. Install the VPN profile on your smartphone once .
  • Very simple to use , one click, and you are connected to the VPN service
  • Your VPN provider searches for the fastest server and connects you automatically – no need to search and choose one
  • VPN’s run on a proprietary communications protocol, keeping your information completely secure
  • Your information is processed at high speed because of the high-quality machine used by NessVPN recommend VPN service provider
  • User access is improved because Premium VPN Service offers dedicated bandwidth, supplied by the largest suppliers
  • Unrivaled 24/7 support. Subscription based VPN service has a dedicated member line so that your problems can be solved quickly and easily, no matter where you are or what time it is
  • Your information is kept fully secure because these VPN services use encryption and, with your privacy balanced with speed, you get the fastest, safest system anywhere
  • NessVPN has a Top-Quality Research Team, ensuring you are kept up to date with the latest VPN technology providers as they become available

As you can see, VPN’s offers some great features. Many free VPNs are often not secure, they are slow, and they slow down everything else on your device at the same time. NessVPN recommended VPN services are fully secure and fast, providing you with the best possible VPN experience.

How to Download and Use a VPN :

VPN’s are pretty simple to subscribe and download and you even have multiple service providers to choose from. Even better, it is also compatible with Android devices, great news because many of the iOS third-party installers are now compatible with Android too. Check out the link below for all of the download methods and other information about the Best VPN services out there.

Safety and Security of your data is the number one priority these days and NessVPN makes that possible for you. Download a VPN and tell us what you think of it; did it work for you? Was it fast enough? For more tips and updates you can follow us on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you NessVPN Team for this awesome Free VPN Service. Now i can download app tutuapp tweaks without any issue.

    Cheers !!!

    1. Hello Dan , we are coming up with the solution pretty soon. You are going to see a revamped websites with all new information within a week.

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