There has long been a battle between Apple and iOS users and not just about the use of Cydia either. For a long time, Cydia was the best way to get apps and


Anti Revoke

For some time now, we have had to battle against Apple; first with Cydia, then with not allowing us to use third-party apps. And, when we finally found a way to use them,

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What Is A VPN ?

These days, with jailbreaks so rare, other alternatives are being brought out to bring us some of our Cydia content.  We’ve seen loads of Third-Party App Installers and independent apps that are not

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Is Using VPN Safe ?

If you use one of the many third-party app installers, like TutuApp and TweakBox , on your iOS or Android device then you really should be using a VPN service. NessVPN is a VPN comparison