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When you hear the word VPN, what do you think of ? Some people will automatically think of illegal online activities and, while VPNs have been used for this in the past, these days, they offer so much more. One of the main reasons for using a VPN is to keep your identity private online so it can’t be stolen and also to protect your data, particularly sensitive data, from hackers. There are tons to choose from, some of them free and some of them on subscription and we’re going to discuss three of the very best VPNs for those who use MovieBox third-party app on their iOS device.

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NessVPN 2018 Guide :

There are hundreds of services available and we’ve had a look through many of them. We’ve narrowed our search down to three that we think MovieBox users would benefit from using. MovieBox is a great app, offering TV shows and movies for free, either streamed or downloaded for offline watching.

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Rather than choosing just the free VPNs, we looked at loads of other metrics, including pricing plans, servers, locations, IP addresses, bandwidth, customer support and much more, and we came up with a couple of paid options and one that offers a free and paid plan.

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Why You Should Use a VPN When You Use MovieBox :

MovieBox is not an official app which means it can’t be downloaded from the official iOS store. However, it is a very reliable and safe app to use with millions of customers the world over but it can be made even safer when you use a VPN. A VPN will secure your connection and ensure that your identity is hidden so your ISP or mobile provider cannot determine which apps you are downloading and how you do it. That means they can’t stop you from using whatever software or apps you want. You have most likely seen the NessTool VPN advertised but good VPN though it is, it doesn’t offer the best security or privacy; there are better VPNs and we’ll show you which ones you should use.

Top Recommended VPN’s for MovieBox :

We narrowed our search down to three VPNs, all of which we tested to ensure that they work properly with MovieBox:

pure vpnPureVPN – ( 4.5/5 )

  • IP addresses: 95,000
  • Servers: 500
  • Server locations: 180
  • Country/Jurisdiction: Hong Kong

PureVPN is one of the better VPN services for MovieBox users although they do log your connection information, However, they are very clear on telling you what is and isn’t logged an what happens to the logged information. As part of their payment options, they will accept Bitcoin and they are one of the fastest VPNs on offer today. If you want, you can start at a low level and, as your needs increase, you can scale up what you get from PureVPN. They also provide Kodi and Chromebook solutions directly from their webpage and their payment plans are:

  • No plan – $10.95 per month
  • 3 years – $69

A full 30-day refund policy is in place.

What is The Difference Between Free and Paid VPNs ?

Free VPNs offer you a way of trying out a service before you buy but some people opt to stay with the free one forever. However, it is worth bearing in mind that free services are not so fast and don’t have the same amount of bandwidth as the paid serves and many of them are ad-supported. There is also no guarantee that your information won’t be logged and sold. The paid services, on the other hand, take your privacy and security far more seriously. They offer a much faster service, no ads and, if they do log your information, they are upfront about it. The price of paying for a VPN is little compared to what it offers you and, the longer you sign up for the better the price is. It is always better to opt for the paid options as you get much better customer support and a far superior service.

VPN FAQ Page :

If you are seriously considering a VPN but need to know a bit more before you make a decision, have a look at our VPN FAQ page where we have answered the commonly asked VPN questions.

With a VPN, you can browse the internet in safety, knowing your identity cannot be tracked or stolen and your data is safe. If you are using third-party apps like MovieBox, you should consider a VPN as well.

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