Is Using VPN Safe ?

If you use one of the many third-party app installers, like TutuApp and TweakBox , on your iOS or Android device then you really should be using a VPN service. NessVPN is a VPN comparison website. Installing VPN on your smartphone offers several benefits; as well as stopping Apple or Google from revoking unofficial app certificates, like those of the third-party installers, it also provides you with anonymity, security, and privacy when your browser and protects all your data too. There are those who will be asking a question, Is Using VPN really safe ?

How Safe is Using a VPN ?

That is a good question and, to answer it, you need to understand how a VPN works. Any VPN that you choose to use must be using at least AES 256-bit. This is the Advanced Encryption Standard that all governments make use of for protecting classified information so that gives you an idea of how safe using it is.

Second, you need to be aware of the tunneling protocols and how they work. The tunneling protocols are what maintain your safety when you browse the internet through a VPN. The best ones are a combination of L2TP and IPsec or a VPN that offers a high level of data encryption. On Windows devices, you should be looking for one that offers SSTP.

The tunneling protocol should use a secure algorithm for your protection; if it does, there is no way that your encrypted data can be read or deciphered. And, if you are using the same VPN network as another person, you cannot sniff out traffic from any other network. Why? Because that requires Wi-Fi to work because shared airwaves are required; no VPN protocol nor should they attempt to enforce a P2P key.

VPN reviewed on NessVPN use P2P tunnels that stretch between you and the server and these make use of per-session keys. This means that the same key cannot be used for separate sessions, making the system much like a network that you are worried to directly; it is a switched network and you cannot listen to other traffic very easily.

So are VPN Services Safe ?

The simple answer is yes but this can only be true for as long as the VPN providers stays open and honest with their users, However, as with any VPN service provider , you should also exercise caution. If you don’t think the connection is working or it is slowing things down terribly, disconnect it immediately. While most VPN services mentioned on this website have been proven to be safe and secure, it hasn’t been tested on every device in the world.

Deleting VPN from your Phone :

If you are not happy with using your VPN service or it is causing you trouble, it is simple enough to delete and you can simply delete it from your device and try some alternatives that will work for you .

When you use a third-party app installer, a VPN tool is essential to keep you and your apps safe so try NessVPN recommended VPN’s and see how you get on. For more tips and tricks, you can follow us on Facebook.

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